About me

Whats up fam, my name is Preston Foy, I am a 15 year old high school student attending Santa Barbara High. I am an extremely tall guy with short best friend, who loves doing cool things on the weekend. My goal is to take you with me and show you the many possibilities there are for fun weekend activities. I am a crazy kid who likes my weekends to be action packed, weather I be snowboarding, taking free kicks, or just having a fun time I am always on the move. I will either be carrying out these activities with friends, or family never on my own. I hope you guys can join the adventure and keep me going during the week because I live for the weekend.Beach flipimg_4047

I play soccer for the high school, but my favorite sport is probably golf, while I do play many others it is the most appealing to me. Also I love hanging with friends going to the beach, and I love the snow.