Birthday Camping

This weekend we had our annual camping trip for Riley’s younger brother’s birthday, but since my birthday is the day after it is kind of like a double whammy thing. Me and Riley left the high school at lunch to head up there and get started on setting up camp. We got our usual spots snagged before we had the chance but we still were able to reserve the cites near that spot. There are usually about ten families that head up there for the weekend, and they all made it up there towards the end of the day.

After we were done setting up we went straight into the ocean to surf, it seems that there are always waves up there. We surfed for a good three hours before we had to go back to the cite and eat dinner.

After dinner Riley was still up for a night session of surfing, but I was kinda tired so Jackson and Riley ended up going for another sesh while I sat on the shore and watched and filmed. The sunsets are always so perfect there also. After they had finished w had desert and ended up sitting by the camp fire and talking with everyone until 12 a.m.

The next morning was Saturday and I woke up the the smell of Eggs and Bacon. This is always our big beach day, we spend most of the day down there. When we are at the beach we are either chilling in beach chairs, playing spike ball, playing a game of horse shoes, or we are in the water surfing. So as you can see this is the most action packed day of the trip most of the time. After our long beach day we have a taco truck come in and make the whole camp tacos, it is the same chefs every year and they always make the best tacos.

The next day is always my least favorite, cause it is when we have to pack everything up and say our goodbyes to everyone. It always gets at me knowing that I’m gonna have to wait an entire year before I am up there again. But like aways it is one of my favorite trips that help us ease into summer!!!

Comment your favorite camping destination below!!


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