Mothers Day Mammoth Trip!

As you all know this weekend was Mothers Day, and my mom was dying to head up to mammoth to ski so since this weekend is all bout her we decided to head up to our condo in mammoth for a few days. The plan was to leave after school  on Thursday, but we had a few overlapping plans so it turned out that my brother and mom went up on Thursday and me my dad, my brother, and my dogs went up on Friday after school and our practices, so they got an extra day of skiing.

The drive up there took a while cause there was a lot of traffic leaving SB, and we ended up getting to the condo at about 10:15, and I went to bed right away cause I wanted to get a full day of skiing in.

I ended up sleeping in of course and we made our way to the mountain at about 10:45. It was pretty icy in the morning but the sun was out all day so it melted and we were snowboarding on a nice slush, which was good because instead of falling on hard icy snow, it was a lot softer and didn’t hurt as much to fall. A lot of pros were up in mammoth and they had jumps built for them that were massive. It was insane to think that they would even try to go off any of those jumps. We pretty much stayed in the park for the day and I was working on my backflips, and trying to land some new tricks. The mountain was open until 7 that day which is later than it usually is so even though we got up to the mountain late we had a full day of skiing.

On Sunday morning we went and had a Mothers Day breakfast at a local restaurant in mammoth. We ate super good food. The plan was to go skiing after breakfast but most of us were sore and tired from the day before so the only people to head up to the mountain were my brothers. They ended up having fun. After that we cleaned up the condo and we went back to SB overall it was a good trip!!

Comment your Mothers day plans below!


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