First Day of Work!

This weekend I had my first real work day. I was working at a winery up in Santa Maria called Grevino Estate Vineyards. My moms friend works there  and it turned out that they needed some help, because they were having a party for there wine club members and me and my brother Harrison went up there to help them with whatever they needed.

When we first showed up it seemed that everyone was in a rush, and they put us right to work. The winery was super cool and there was a huge mansion on the property. For our job we started off by loading 30 Wine cases from there storage unit and we moved them to there main garage. There was a group of people coming for a wine club party who had preordered wine a few days before the party. Me and my brothers job was, when the members showed up we had a list of what each member ordered,and then me and my brother would load up there wine for them.

We did this for about 6 hours until the party was over, and what was really cool was that they gave us free lunch there, because they had leftovers from the party. After the members left me and my brother had to wash out all of the used wine glasses, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be be.

Once we were done working we took a tour of the house and this place was pretty legit, it was huge! And the owner of the winery had a really nice rolls Rolls Royce in the garage. We stayed their for about another hour and then we drove home.

On Sunday I played golf in the morning and we played a really quick round out at La Cumbre. After that Riley picked me up from my house and we went down the cast looking for waves. It was pretty ass everywhere we looked and we ended up just messing around at Santa Claus for a couple of hours and then we went back to his house and played some baseball.

Comment below your first work experience!!


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