Easter with the Fam!

This weekend was easter weekend, which is usually a little different than most weekends for my family, because we usually head up to my grandparents house in Santa Ynez for the holiday. We usually head up on Friday after school but my mom was feeling pretty sick so we spent the night at our house in hope that she wouldn’t make our grandparents sick.

We had plans to to meet them for lunch at the Alisal River restaurant at around 1:30, so I had a chance to sneak out and play an early morning round of golf with my dad at Muni.  And it turns out I shot my best round ever that day, so the weekend had already started off well.

When we returned home my mom still wasn’t feeling up for it so she decided that she was going to spend one more night at home and she would meet us up there in the morning. So my dad, brothers and I packed our stuff up and made our way up towards Santa Ynez. We stopped on the way up because there was a really nice view off the side of one of the cliffs, even though we stopped to take photos we still made it up there in pretty good time.

When we made it to the restaurant we showed up at the exact same time as my grandparents and cousin which was convenient because we walked in together. For lunch I ordered a B.L.T., and it was super good, one of the best Iv’e had in a while. The restaurant is on the same property as a golf course so my dad brothers cousin and I decided to play a few holes after lunch. This round wasn’t even close to as serious as the round I played in the morning and we were all messing around a little doing stupid things on the course. The wind picked up a little so we went back to my grandparents house and we played some cards then ate some pizza for dinner.

The next day was easter, my mom had shown up before we had woken up and my grandma made an amazing breakfast with eggs bacon and rolls and gravy.  We mostly had a pretty chill day, we played some cards and helped set up the dining room for dinner. Dinner was also great and when it was over we took the dogs on a walk across the street, where there is a school we let them roam around in. After that it was getting pretty late so we made our way back home and ended up getting there at around 8:30. It was definitely an easter to remember!

Comment what you did for your easter weekend below!!


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