Golfing weekend

During this weekend I had one of my first somewhat big golf tournaments. It took place at a golf course in Lompoc called La Purisima Golf Course. We had an option to play a practice round there on Friday, which was the day before the tournament, but it was supposed o be a little rainy that day so I decided to play my practice round on Thursday after school. The weather was super nice, and I kinda wanted it to be windy because it was supposed to be windy on the weekend for the tournament so I wanted to get some practice in with it . It turned out that I got to play a practice round on Friday also, because we went up there for a meeting and it was nice enough for me to tee off.

On the day of the tournament I teed off at 8:53 so I had to get up at 7 to make sure I could get down there early and had enough time to warm up. There were people from all over the world playing in this tournament, so it was convenient that the tournament was located so close to Santa Barbara. In my first round I played with one kid from Mexico and another kid from Michigan, they were both really cool. For my first round I played what I thought was pretty solid for the weather conditions. By the end of the round I was tied for 17th out of 50 and I was one of the younger kids playing in the tournament, so I thought I was doing pretty well.

For the second day of the tournament I teed off a little later than the first, this time it was at 9:53 so I got an extra 30 minutes of sleep this time which was nice, I did the same routine as I had done the day before and I was feeling pretty solid going into my round. I started off a little slower on the second day , but ended up shooting the same score that I did on the first day.  I ended in a tie for 16th place, which was a lot better than I thought I was going to do going into that tournament. I was really happy with the outcome!

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