My vacation CABLOS yours out of the Water

After our situation was figured out, and we made it to our hotel in Mexico we ended up having a solid trip with only a few problems. When we first got to the hotel my first instinct was to throw my board shorts on and jump in the water, but our room was not ready for us even though we were supposed to get there the day before.  So we kept our luggage in the Svensson’s room.

The water was super clear and really warm, we swam for a bit and then got some lunch. The only time we really left our resort was when we were going to dinner, but we ate breakfast and lunch at our hotel. After lunch we played a little bit of volleyball, but there was one problem with that. The court was not level at all there was a five foot rise from one side to the other, but we made the best of it.

The next day we pretty much had the same schedule, but this time we went banana boating, which is when we were getting dragged behind a boat on a blow up banana. It was super fun, we had two options to either to go on a single banana boat or a double, I thought the single one was way better because we were able to flip it really easily. From then on we chilled by the pool, swam around for a bit, and then played some volleyball.

On our third day we decided to go to another resort called the Cabo Surf Hotel, so we could go surf. The hotel was located right by the ocean and there are pretty good waves right out front. We rented boards from the hotel and spent most of the day surfing. The waves were pretty solid, it was probably the best I had ever seen it out there. There is a solid short board spot about 200 yards down so I traded my long board in for a short board and my brothers, Riley, and I headed over there. The waves were quite good over there.

Towards the end of my trip I’m not sure but I either got food poisoning or the flu, but all I know is that it wasn’t fun at all. I puked twice at night and from there on my stomach was hurting and I didn’t eat much. I din’t attend many activities after this point other than a little bit of volleyball, but overall I have to say that it was a pretty fun trip!

Comment your destination for spring break below!!


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