Unfortunate Events

For this  years spring break we decided to go on our usual trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We had everything ready to go and were planned to take off Monday morning at around 9 we stayed in a hotel in LA the night before so we wouldn’t have to get up to early and make that long drive.  When we woke up in the morning ready to leave my dad got a notification saying that our flight was delayed for a couple hours, so we stayed at the hotel for a little longer. When the time came we headed over to the airport and meet up with the friends we were going there with, which were the Svensson’s and the Roachs.

We ate  lunch and we were ready to leave again, then we learned that our flight got delayed for another hour because there were more technical difficulties. At this point we were pretty boarded and didn’t know what to do, but earlier on we saw a cop in the airport standing on a cool scooter thing and one of my friends told me to ask if I could ride it. So I went over there but the officer said I couldn’t ride it but I could stand on it and he would take a picture, which he did. This helped brighten up my day a little. Once I made it back to our table I was informed that our flight had been cancelled, we had been flying with Alaskan airlines so since our flight with them got cancelled we had to run all the way across LAX to see if there were any seats on the flight with Southwest Airlines. It turned out that there was only room for one of our family’s and the Roachs snagged the spot.

Once we were rejected we walked all the way back to where we were before and went to see if Alaska airline would pay for our hotel room. They did which was cool and they also payed for all of our food expenses, they even gave each of us 300 dollars worth of credit for another flight in the future.

We spent the night at a hotel and showed up to the airport in the morning we got on our flight and everything seemed to turn out ok.

When we landed we got our rental car and made our way over to our hotel.

Once we finally made it was time for us to relax. Next week my blog post will be about the trip don’t miss it!!

Comment your favorite airline to fly with.


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