Sunny Saturday Paddle

This weekend I wasn’t really sure what to do because I was expecting it to be foggy, because it had been foggy all week. But when I woke up on Saturday morning it looked pretty sunny. I played a round of golf in the morning, but that is not what this post is about.

At around 1 in the afternoon Riley texted me asking if I wanted to go for a paddle with him and his brother, I had no plans so I agreed to go and he picked me up from my house. I was originally gonna use one of his paddle boards but since his brother was going I had to bring my moms, which is way to short for me so I let his little brother use it and I used there longest paddle board. We strapped my board on the roof and let the other two hang out the back of the car.

We drove to Hendrys beach, we were going to paddle from there to Leadbetter. I am honestly a really bad paddle boarder so I was expecting to fall in a lot during the paddle, but when I first got into the water I felt pretty good.

The water was super clear and we could see the sea floor almost the entire time during our paddle.

During our journey to Leadbetter we were catching waves all down the coast, Riley is a bit better than I am so I let him hold my phone in his pocket because he said he wouldn’t fall, but guess what. Riley fell twice or three times, but he was catching a lot of waves so I wasn’t really mad, also my phone didn’t get messed up because we put it in a zip lock bag.

Every once and a while we would stop and take a break and look for some fish below the water, and it turned out that we saw a lot of fish and crabs. We even made a raft at one point so we could just chill

When we finally made our way down to Leadbetter there were little waves so we surfed for a little bit, but then after that we called Riley’s mom to pick us up and from there we changed and went to a movie with some other friends. Overall our trip was a success.

Comment your favorite place to paddle board!


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