Sunday Funday

During this past Sunday my family and our friends went to east beach to play some volleyball. Our plan was to get out there pretty early, but with the time change we were all out of our schedule. When we first got down to the beach there was nowhere to park, so my parents dropped me and Riley off on the side of the road so we could go get a court while they found somewhere to park. The beach was packed and we were lucky to find the last open court. I got excited and felt like doing a back flip so I sent one.

We started off by playing a few doubles games, I played on Riley’s team and we played against my mom and dad, we won easily. After a couple more games a few more of our friends began to show up. Once we had a bigger group of people we began to play games of 4 vs. 4. It was pretty foggy at the beach, but it was still super hot so after a few games I was feeling the heat. So I went to the East Beach Grill to get some ice cream with Riley and Siena, I think it’s way over priced because it’s 5 dollars for a scoop of ice cream. From there we headed back to the courts and played a few more games of volleyball.

For the finale game of volleyball it was me and Riley verses my brother Harrison and his friend chase, who are both juniors and play high school volleyball. So going into the game we were expecting to loose, but we ended up killing them and we were hyped.

Soon we were all tired and were pretty much done with volleyball, and the plan was to go up to the Bellandi’s house and swim in there pool and eat dinner.

When we first go their I played Riley in four games of ping pong and I beat him every time. But then my brother beat me and I lost my bragging rights. From there we jumped into the pool and swam around a little bit, then burgers were cooked. Overall it was a super fun day. 

Comment below your favorite beach activity!


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