Fishing and Friends

It was around 11 when I got a call from my friend Riley who had recently biked down to Leadbetter to check the waves. It turned out that the waves were ass and it was completely flat, but the water was super clear so he asked me if I wanted to go spearfish. I was supposed to be getting a haircut at that time, but spearfishing sounded a lot more fun. So I got dropped off at Riley’s house with all my gear. When I put my spear together I realized that it was all messed up and bent. But luckily Riley had an extra spear for me to use. From there Riley’s dad gave us a ride down to the beach.

When we got there it seemed like the wind was picking up so the water got a little more murky.We decided to go out anyways, but it was super rocky so getting into the water was tough. It was also super cold so that added another factor to fishing . When we were first looking around in the water we didn’t see a thing, but after 15 minutes or so we started seeing some fish. At one point I went under and found a huge school of fish and was about to take a shot but Riley beat me to it and got a solid hit on one of them, by that I didn’t even get a chance to shoot because the other scattered away really quick. The fish that Riley shot slipped off of his spear and got away.  So we looked for it for a little while and after about 7 minutes we saw a seagull trying to get something out of the water and it turned out that it was the fish that Riley shot. So we sacred away the seagull and checked out the fish, which was still in good condition. So we took it with us. We didn’t really see anymore fish after that so we called it a day for fishing.

When we got out of the water it looked like there were little waves. So I went out on a wave storm and Riley went out on a sushi (which is a type of soft top) and we messed around for a little bit. After that we got out and went up to my friend Sienna’s which is where I keep my surf boards. Then we hung the fish up in a tree, I have no clue why, and then we walk back to Riley’s house. Overall it was a fun trip!

Comment your favorite spot to spearfish below!


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