On The Trail

Since we have gotten a lot of rain in SB in the last few weeks, me and my friends thought it would be lit to go on a hike up to seven falls. So after school on Friday  Jackson, Ben, Riley, and I got a ride from Riley’s grandma to the top of tunnel road, which is right by the trail. We weren’t really sure how much water was going to be up there because the last time we hiked up that trail there wasn’t that much water.img_4166

When we first made it to the bottom of the creek we were amazed to see that the creek was gushing water. And we began to make our way up towards the falls. We stopped every few minutes or so to take pictures, and scope out what rocks we had to jump on to make it up the creek. Soon we found ourselves at the third fall of seven and we noticed that we had to either climb up and over it, which was about 70 feet up, or we could scale around it with a chance of falling into the water. Since Riley and I were wearing bags that had our phones in them we decided the climb up and over was the safest route and since Ben and Jackson had nothing to loose they went around with the chance of falling in. It turned out that all of us made it around and over fine with no injuries, which was good to hear.img_4183

From there we had a pretty easy hike up to the seventh fall with no real difficult things in our way. When we made it up there it looked perfect to jump into, Jackson and Ben were cold at that time so me and Riley were the only ones with the balls to jump in. And it turned out to be quite chilly. We jumped 2-3 times each, then dried off and made our way back down. img_4186To me it always seems easier on the way down, and we made it down a lot quicker than on the way up. From there my dad picked all of us up and we dropped them all off where they needed to go.

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