Mammoth Shreadability

For my four day weekend my family decided to head up to our condo in Mammoth, because they are having a record year for the amount of snow they have been getting. We also invited my friend Riley and his family to stay with us for the weekend. We left on Tuesday at around 2:30 and ended up getting there at around 9:30, which is a longer drive than we usually have. The reason it took so long was because we sat down and had dinner in Bishop. Once we got there we unpacked and got ready for skiing the next day. Mammoth just had gotten dome fresh snow so we were all hyped


We woke up at around 7:30, which is really early for us, and got ready to hit the slopes. It was snowing which was a good sign, because we knew we were going to get fresh tracks. Also we all knew that this was going to be the best day for skiing because most of the people were going to show up on Saturday. When we got to the mountain the visibility wasn’t to good and it stayed that way fimg_4089or the day, but we made the best of it. Like we predicted we got fresh tracks in perfect powder with not to bad of a crowd. Towards the end of the day we decided to build a jump on at the bottom of the run at chair 5, so we could try some flips. After that we headed home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Day 2

On the second morning we got up pretty late because we were all sore and tired from the day before. We were ready for there to be a big crowd, but when we got there, which was around 10, it was the most packed day I’ve ever seen in mammoth. When we first showed up to Eagle Lodge there was a line that took at least 40 minutes, and it usually takers about five. img_4092Once we made our way up the mountain the crowds began to get smaller and smaller. It turned out to be a pretty solid day, and the day with the best visibility during the whole trip. Nothing to exciting happened during the day on the mountain because not to many runs were open. And again when we went back to the condo we just hung out and ate dinner there.

Day 3

We got to the mountain somewhat early on Sunday, but it was a little skied out. The night before it was really windy so there was a good amount of wind buff on the mountain. Towards the end of the day it got pretty img_4100hard to see, but overall it was my favorite day for skiing, because there was no crowd once
the visibility went bad. I was cool because usually me and my brothers go off and snowboard and we let our parents do whatever, but that day we skied as a family, which was really fun. When we got to the condo we played some fun games and played some wii.

Day 4

This was our final day and we had to clean the condo and pack up all of our stuff and head home. A huge storm hit the same day, so driving home took a little longer than usual, because everyone was driving slow and being careful on the roads. But we still ended up making it home pretty quick because we only took one stop, which was for gas.

I would say the trip overall was a success!

Comment below your favorite mountain to ski or snowboard?


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