Free Kicks

Today the lesson for my blog is if it says no trespassing and the gates are close you probably shouldn’t go in, unless you want to live on the edge. It was a Friday night after school at around 8 when Riley Jackson and I showed up at Girsh park hoping to take some free kicks. We usually head out there every once and a while to practice some soccer. img_4057When we showed up the gates were closed and they were locked. There was also a no trespassing sign on the fence, but we didn’t just drive all the way out to Goleta for no reason so we decided to hop the fence. We already knew how to turn on the lights there since there are directions on the generator. Once we got the lights on we started to
take some some shots. We had a pretty typical free kick session but it was at the end where things took a turn for the worst. We were probably only going to take about 3 more shots each when we saw a car roll into the parking lofullsizerendert. We didn’t really acknowledge  the car and we continued to take some more shots. Then I saw a man step out of the car and walk up to the fence and look at us, so I got a little nervous. Then he began to start yelling at us telling us that we were trespassing and we had to turn the light off and go over to him and talk. At this point we were all scared, and we even considered hopping the fence on the other side of the field and running, but we decided that running wasn’t a smart choice so we turned the light off and we began to walk over to him. When we first got near him h seemed to be very angry, but once we started to talk for a bit he turned out to be  pretty chill guy. He first asked us where we came from and I said we walked from my house, then we pretty much just talked about soccer. Soon he just told us thatimg_4064 we needed to leave so we hopped the fence and started to head home. We called an Uber and decided to go to In ‘N’ Out for dinner. And then from there we went home.

Comment your favorite soccer team below!


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