Morning Sesh

It was early on a Super Bowl Sunday morning when my brother Harrison woke me up asking if I wanted to surf, we had been talking about it the night before but I didn’t know he meant getting up at 7. I ate a quick breakfast, then we loaded the car and we were gone. We went to pick up my friend Riley but when we got to his house he wasn’t even close to ready, so I had to hop out and give him a quick hand, he has been surfing for a lot longer than me and is a lot better. By the time we got all of his stuff in the car we got hyped, because we were ready to go shred, but then Riley told us that he hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so we had to drive over to the Bagel Market Cafe on the Mesa because he lives close. I was pretty hungry by this point so I got a bagel also. When we were done we were finally able to go searching for waves. We all knew that going up north was the best option because the Rincon Classic was going on, meaning that there will be a lot of people down south. Our first stop was Hendry’s Beach (The Pit)img_4042, which is our go to spot when we want to check the waves. It isn’t my favorite surf spot, but it was a good place to start. Overall it looked pretty promising the waves weren’t huge, but they also weren’t small and we could tell that as we moved north the waves would get bigger.

We were still trying to decide where to go and then Harrison thought that we should go to Sands, I had never surfed there before so I didn’t even know where it was. On the inside I was somewhat nervous because I was going to surf a new spot that I didn’t know well, but at the same time I was excited to try it out. Sands is right next to Devereaux and that was the spot that we checked first and it didn’t look to good so we got mad thinking that Sands would be bad to but we were defiantly wrong. It was firing when we got there and img_4043we were super hyped to get in the water, so we ran back to the car and changed real quick then ran back out. I had to take pictures to start and I was really anxious to get in the water. Once I finally did I had a really fun session and caught a lot of waves. Riley took some good photos also. ¬†We were out there for a pretty long time, and got home quick so we could get ready for the Super Bowl.img_4045

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